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Top 10 clips you’ve probably never seen #1

Let's be honest, it would be very fucking easy for us to hastily scrub Instagram for 10 clips that everyone's already watched, by riders we've all already fapped to, that's neither fun nor is it interesting. We also aren't fans of affording even more exposure to the same 10 riders, there's a proverbial sea of riders that can be explored thanks to Instagram being introduced to the scene, and these riders are putting out clips regularly that you aren't watching!

So in an effort to expose some of these lesser-known riders we're going to post a monthly Top 10 of our favorite clips.

This list is dynamic and the order changes based on your votes, so make sure you up-vote or down-vote these clips, and follow everyone featured. 

If you want to be featured in next months start DM'ing your clips to https://www.instagram.com/twentyinchbmx

  1. Twenty Inch

    Justin has some very creative lines and his clips make me want to drop everything I'm doing immediately to go ride. I personally like approachable riding styles and clips that make the viewer think they have a chance of landing what they just watched.Β 

  2. kinda cheating without pegs πŸ“Ή@theovertimenj @chrislanham #bmx

    A post shared by Chris Lefebvre (@chrisylsss) on

    Twenty Inch

    I've been watching this kid for over a year and just when you think he's slowing down he posts something completely new. He's young but I fully expect him to pick up a sponsor in 2018, his style and general vibe is definitely fun to watch.Β 

  3. Twenty Inch

    Actually, I could probably come up with hundreds of words for Lewis and his truly abnormal level of skill on his tiny bicicleta, but a single word seemingly says it all; that word is Creativity. I hope this dude keeps up the progression because he comes to mind when considering the most creative riders in 2018.

  4. Virginia skatepark campus

    A post shared by Noah Huntzinger (@noahjjhuntzinger) on

    Twenty Inch

    This kid could do 2 tricks and I'd still go out of my way to watch every clip he posts, it just so happens he has a ton of tricks and executes them with some of the sickest style I've seen recently. Consider him a must follow!

  5. Phone video from thisss

    A post shared by @ basilikumpels on

    Twenty Inch

    Not only was this beyond stylish but It's also pretty burly, I can only imagine how shitty it would feel to not stick this first T. I'm a major fan of this kids general steeze and most of what he posts on his gram.

  6. Twenty Inch

    Mike beat this indoor parks ass like it insulted his mother and owes him money. I don't personally know much about Mike, but every now and again I see clips by this dude that make my jaw seriously drop to the floor.Β 

  7. Twenty Inch

    Every clip Adrian puts out is absolutely effortless and stylish, expect heavy fire from this kid in 2018. You're doing yourself a great disservice by not following him, so do yourself a favor and follow him right now!

  8. Fredo still in the cut R.I.P. @fredosantanassr ✊🏾❀️

    A post shared by Jugg🏚 (@trap.lawrenzo) on

    Twenty Inch

    Heavy street vibes and modern tricks, I've been stoked on basically everything this dude posts. I for one am beyond excited to see what he puts together in 2018.

  9. Twenty Inch

    Stevens casual Jibs have your favorite pro sweating. Prepare yourself for some incredibly heavy clips from this guy in 2018. If you lurk his gram you're going to be inundated by awesome style and perfect lines.

  10. Twenty Inch

    You may or may not have seen this clip reposted by a number of accounts, and yeah, this isn't exactly the style of riding we generally get excited by. But holy hell, this shit just doesn't make sense to my brain. An absolutely incredible clip you'll probably watch a number of times.

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