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AM Spotlight – The Reagan Riley Interview!

Every local scene needs a few anchor riders that can either make or break the scene, these anchor riders amplify the scene around them, they nurture a positive vibe amongst emerging riders and inspire the people they ride with to progress and keep riding. Today we’ll be interviewing Reagan Riley, a perfect example of one of these anchor riders who I’ve watched an entire scene begin to grow around, not only is he a guiding light within his local scene but he’s also a truly supportive and unique individual within the sport. Reagan is an absolute monster on his bike and an all-around good dude off his bike, his love for BMX is obvious and he isn’t in this to facilitate his ego.

Where do you live and hows the scene there?

RR – I live in Clovis California which is connected to Fresno California.. The scene is great out here we have a bunch of riders that are from young to old just depends! Everyone is super lowkey but definitely put in work!

What keeps you motivated to ride?

RR – Getting out and having fun with my friends just filming whatever we find interesting.. also love looking for spots!

How old were you when you seriously started riding and how long have you been riding?

RR – I’d say when I was 12-13 is when I got my first real 20 inch “BMX” bike and started trying spins and different tricks and what not, but I’ve been jumping different bikes throughout my whole childhood as a started riding 3 years young hahah!

What is your earliest or fondest memory of BMX from before you rode or had just started riding?

RR – At my 5th birthday party, I had all my friends over and we were jumping this black ramp setup.. one of the dads wanted to give it a go and ended up smashing his shoulder and breaking his collarbone lol!

What’s up with your hair / hat situation? Does the hat falling off determine the difficulty of the line?

RR – Hahaha my hair is just really long and I like wearing hats cause I can’t deal with it down… I feel like everyone just has there own opinion on the hat / hair so we’ll keep it that way lol!

How has your dedication to BMX affected other areas of your life?

RR – Other than my body… nothing actually which is a good feeling I’m super blessed everyone is super supportive in my life.

What’s your opinion on Vlogs and do you think it has any broader implications on the sport? Would you ever Vlog?

RR – There’s a fine line between “vlogs” and “YouTube videos” I don’t really mind either or as long as you still put work in on your bike that cool! No, I wouldn’t Vlog.

If time and energy wasn’t an issue, Instagram clips or full video parts?

RR – Full video parts all day. I truly appreciate a little hard work and saving some good clips!

Shooters or no shooters?


Do you miss print magazines? What do you think the future of BMX media is?

RR – I think everyone can agree on missing print magazines that’s something that never should have faded, I hope the future of BMX media grows on YouTube more than Instagram but that might be a hard one…

What’s one trick you can never seem to figure out?

RR – Hang fives definitely!!

What’s your favorite video part of all time?

RR – Zack Gerber’s and Eric Mesta’s Daily grind hard time parts!!

Who’s your favorite rider and who influences your riding and style?

RR – Probably Nathan Williams! And I’m not sure who influences my riding I just like seeing a bunch of different styles!

What tricks make you cringe?

RR – Triple crank flips!

Ride your bike every day and don’t be scared to challenge yourself to new things.

If you had one classic BMX video you had to watch for the rest of your life which video would that be?

RR – Markit zero

If you had all the money in the world what car would you buy?

RR – Subaru Outback

If you could say one thing to kids starting out in BMX what would that be?

RR – Ride your bike every day and don’t be scared to challenge yourself to new things.. even if that comes with falling, if you don’t fall you didn’t learn anything!

Do you know how to cook? What’s your favorite shit to cook?

RR – Yeahhh sort of! I like cooking eggs and burgers pretty simple shit…

What’s one thing that needs to change in BMX?

RR – Kids posting fire bangers to the Instagram.. get a camera!

I’ve been jumping different bikes throughout my whole childhood as a started riding 3 years young hahah!

Will you still find a way to be in BMX when you’re too old to ride?

RR – Yeah, I’ll definitely film for as long as I can even after riding !!

Do you want to have kids and would you want them to ride?

RR – Yes, one-day For sure! And yeah that would be rad.

Do you have a healthy relationship with skaters at your local parks?

RR – Yeah, all the skaters and BMX riders get along!

What are your favorite bands and how do you feel about the proliferation of rap music in BMX?

RR – Grizzly bear.. system of a down idk.. and there’s a time and place for rap in BMX just not all the time.

Who are a few underground riders you think people are sleeping on?

RR – Sebastian Gagne, Kyle Northmore, Sam Chamberlain!

Who would you like to thank?

RR – I would like to thank my Parents, Girlfriend, friends, and family.. and of course We The People for everything they do! Along with Feeble Life,  Doomed Brand, RTbmx , and Merrittbmx!! Also thanks to Jake for this opportunity and shout out to 20inch!!


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