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Latinos Locos – DIG BMX X SOUL

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Every summer, a spectacular new ‘phenomenon’ comes out of South America. A group of talented and motivated BMX riders fly to Europe with a few clothes, a little money, and a small dismantled bike in a big bag. Over the last 4 years It has become a tradition as they leave their homeland for the big gathering of FISE Montpellier to compete, and then keep on traveling for at least two months for yet more contests and sessions on the best spots of the continent. This period of intense riding is an occasion to shine, maybe grab some prize money, and most of all enjoy the nomadic BMX lifestyle. From shared rider houses to cheap hotels, from skateparks to McDonalds, for the WiFi if nothing else. They ride a lot, and amaze everyone with their near non-stop full-on approach, making the absolute best of their journey. Fiseup magazine invited the best of these Latin riders to join for a short ride between Fise and Outdoormix festival. Featuring José Torres, Jonathan Camacho, Inaki Mazza, Victor Munoz and Shapol in South east of France, DIG BMX X SOUL brings you the Latinos Locos riding hard… inbetween the siestas. – Ben Bello​

A film by Clément Le Page

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