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11 creative riders you’ve never heard of but need to follow

BMX is a truly unique sport in the sense that anyone can develop an original style and creative perspective, the sport is truly drenched in nuance and no two riders ride the same or think about the sport the same way. An individual can truly make BMX their own and for me personally, this aspect of BMX is probably what I love most about BMX. BMX makes you think, It makes you think divergently, and it makes most people who truly love the sport shy away from mainstream conformity.

We need to amplify and commend riders who strive for creativity, there’s a proverbial sea of influential riders who cherish creativity on their bikes and we need to expose them! This list pays homage to what I call NBD warriors, doing it for love and not clout.

I hope to do this monthly, so if you appreciate this article let me know via the comments. And make sure you follow every single rider listed below!

  1. Twenty Inch

    One of the nicest New Mexicans on the Gram, Preston also fucking mutilates tech lines at will with intensely smooth style. I've on numerous occasions drove to my nearest ledge after watching this dudes clips to try something new. He's creative, influential, and humble as fuck.

    I’ve read many funny things in my life, but someone saying that Preston is humble is one of the funnier ones. I love Preston and he’s my friend… but he is not humble.

  2. Twenty Inch

    Pat doesn't give a fuck what people think, rides every day seemingly all day, and truly loves every aspect of BMX. She regularly gives me the confidence to try shit I otherwise wouldn't and regularly spits out casual and creative IG edits.

  3. Twenty Inch

    It always looks like this dude is having a fucking blast on his bike, and he continually pulls links I've never seen. He has a super casual style which makes some of his hammers that much more exciting. Follow him if you're into pumped hangovers to kickflip out.

  4. Twenty Inch

    Ian has been surprising the shit out of me recently with some of his recent progression, he keeps things simple but seems to always put a very creative spin on his lines. He'll have you looking at obstacles in a completely different way, I honestly love this kids riding and his clips always have me hyped to ride.

  5. Twenty Inch

    Probably the nicest, most positive guy I've met via Instagram, niceties aside Adrian is an undercover NBD warlord and kills it daily. His casual Jibs are pro edit bangers and he's virtually an unknown rider. Go drop your jaw all over his gram!

    I couldn’t agree more he’s always sending technical lines together in such a effortless matter . he’s the homie met him through my local X-court park . its been a fun ride he gets my respect mos def

  6. Twenty Inch

    Honestly, if you haven't heard of David Anderson yet you're doing yourself a great disservice! Probably one of the most influential underground riders in BMX today, and like many others on this list, he has an incredibly positive and supportive attitude for his fellow riders. His gram is filled to the brim with insane NBD combos.

  7. Twenty Inch

    This dude has a figurative and literal hard-on for peg bonks and unusually creative lines, he's also great at making use of pretty shitty spots. I'm sure a lot of you have never heard this name and that's a shame because Chase continually sends amazing lines. Follow him now for the bonks alone.

  8. Twenty Inch

    I'll be honest, when I first started following Dakota I wasn't really into his riding mostly because I'm not a fan of flips, but he's slowly won me over injecting incredible style and fluidity into his lines. He's the perfect combination of burly, style, and creative; on top of that he's got an incredibly supportive attitude and he's a cool ass dude.

  9. Twenty Inch

    Chad has awesome hair and lives out in the CUT of California, aside from that he's been consistently slamming out NBD shit with incredible style and steeze. I could honestly watch 4 minutes of him doing bunnyhops just because of his style.

  10. Twenty Inch

    Big style and bigger moves, this Detroit based street killer has me regularly saying "What The Fuck" out loud in my office. His feeble whips are beyond dialed and you know he's all about the positive squad.

  11. Twenty Inch

    It's disgusting how little views my boy John gets, he's been killing it for a minute and has an egregiously large bag of tricks. I'm sure he can do any tech line he puts his mind to, at speed, and with silky smooth style. I've dropped my jaw numerous times watching his casual gram jibs. Seriously go follow this dude right now!

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Twenty Inch

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